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MENA Critical Environment Control

To control laboratory emissions that result from biotech, chemical, petrochemical and medical industries , general public health & safety standards have been developed to ever stringent requirements; they have been driven by world class standardization bodies like ASHRAE and AMCA. 
We provide air Handling Systems for Critical Environments to control Temperature, Humidity & Pressure for Clean rooms, Biological Safety Containment and Laboratories. 
We have partnered with industry leaders in this field to provide flexible modular design that allows us to customize the size and layout of the system components to meet the individual requirements of Critical Environment. 

Our solutions offer the following distinct features:

  • Customised design and Materials to fit various applications and requirements. 
  • Supply of fully integrated control system
  • Compliant with major standards; ASHRAE, AMCA and ANSI including spark resistant constructions
  • Lighter weight, thereby requiring less structural support
  • Integration with facility BMS, yet independent control system.

Key Selected Customers

  • Aramco/ Alqurayyah Water Plant 
  • KAUST/Research Park 
  • Qatar Science & Technology Park
  • MASDAR City
  • The American Hospital in Dubai

Products include:

  • High plume dilution fans
  • Venturi exhaust system
  • Medium and high pressure centrifugal fans
  • Centrifugal fibreglass fan 
  • High pressure / low volume centrifugal blower
  • Roof upblast & sidewall centrifugal fibreglass exhaust fan
  • Axial tubular fans
  • Centrifugal in-line fan